Fabrizio Bendazzoli was born in Verona in October 1988 and currently lives in Milan. He graduated magna cum laude from New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (NABA) in Product Design, in 2014.

From 2015 he has been collaborating with a well-known architectural and design firm in Milan as a designer in several projects, notably for Arclinea. He has been able to reach great results with passion and determination, taking part in multiple famous competitions, such as “il rame e la casa” and “infiniti design award”, working autonomously in the enterprise world. Fabrizio’s design is essential, clean, condensed; it is conceived as a hub of interpersonal situations and relations, a meeting point between the constructed and the natural world.

Every shade of his personality is reflected in his works: thoughtfulness, consideration and attention to detail, discipline and passion. His contemporary aesthetic, highly recognisable and characterised by a strong visual force, can be seen in the great sophistication of the product, in its identity strength and in the incredible functionality of each composing feature.

His project methodology and his personal work ethic give him an exceptional efficiency in perceiving, developing and guiding the project in each of its aspects, being mindful of the needs and the dynamics of a work pursued in close cooperation.