Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2022


Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2022



DESIGN : Salone Del Mobile 2022

Water and fire are the elements that tell the story and creation of the four projects within Citco’s Design space. A design language translated into images by Resolute Studio, that comes to life on the back wall’s display. A dialogue between physical objects and visual references that turn into a show to reveal its deeper essence.

PRIVÈ : Salone Del Mobile 2022

Marble is the noblest witness of the passing of time. A balance between strength and fragility that makes it precious and has made it a narrative tool par excellence. The greatest art has been translated into its language, capable of ennobling even the simplest gestures. The design of the space mirrors Citco’s intentions: to give to the world works of art designed by Masters of the contemporary era produced with the most precious materials; production capabilities that have no comparison. A temple of the new clas-sicism made of muses, drapes, masks and sculptural forms that aspire to international stages.


Every surface is a project in its own right, every time.

Citco makes marble, which is hard and granite-like by nature, supple and chameleonic, capable of adapting to an environment like a second skin, enhancing the location. Citco excavates the oldest material in the world, in search of what is unexplored in it.

Citco Privè

With taste, elegance and a delicate touch of daring, Citco Privé moulds

the material, reveals its intrinsic beauty and creates precious furnishing accessories for us. Citco Privé creations have come about by combining various types of marble, stone and metals with great sensibility: complex inlays, unexpected geometries, evocative decorative motifs make them all unique and spectacular. The excellence of products Made in Italy emerges on the main international markets, bringing the luxury of perfection with it. The classic taste of the Western decorative tradition combines Oriental subjects and is blended into an organic whole, which, thanks also to the power of contemporary expressive language, succeeds in communicating the eloquence of the material with great intensity.


Working with marble is a noble and ancient endeavor that respects the nuances of each stone. CITCO combines these values with a vision that fluidly intertwines technological advancements and artistic creativity.
Today from their Verona headquarters, they craft masterpieces using a timeless art form inspired by design vernaculars from the past to the present. CITCO’s two moods, CLASSIC and CONTEMPORARY, tell the story of how marble dialogues with architecture in infinite ways. Each project is unique, the result of searching for a perfect balance between space, color, and light. Polychrome surfaces, macro and micro intarsia, architectural elements, and furnishings with a sculptural spirit make up CITCO’s impressive portfolio. Their beguiling oeuvre exhibits sensitivity and virtuosity in an endless array of genres.