In 1997, Ora ïto hijacked Vuitton and Apple with his virtual products that instantly became global icons of the digital revolution. A design phenomenon in pop culture. The huge multi-acclaimed success of his aluminium Heineken is followed by collaboration with Cassina, Bouygues, Cappellini, Alstom, Laguiole, Citroën, Zanotta and Accor, top industry and luxury brands that highly rate his sculptural design now a mark of modernity.

The multidisciplinary Ora ïto studio has manipulated symbols to materialise desires in the fluid digital era. A tenacious methodology for which he has invented a neologism: simplexity, decoding today’s DNA to conceptualise future mutations.

In 2013, he created MAMO, an art centre on the roof terrace of the mythical Cité Radieuse designed by Le Corbusier in Marseille where the greatest contemporary artists from Xavier Veilhan to Dan Graham are exhibited. Ora ïto inaugurates an architectural collaboration with Daniel Buren for hotels, movie theaters and public art. Ora ïto just launched a tramway for Nice city, a nomadic hotel for Accor, an electric bike for Angell and he’s currently designing a new metro for Marseille and a yatch for Perini Navi.